Edwin Stanley

Founder | Creative Director

Edwin Stanley is inspired by change and transformation—looking at ways to elevate common elements to something of beauty and intentionality. Interior design allows him to create living, functional art pieces in which every project presents a particular puzzle to solve Having worked for over 10 years in Architecture & Interior Industry he brings an immense of experience to the table. Prior to founding Concepto Studio, he worked with Nebulous Design for about seven years.

His personal taste runs the gamut from the subdued to the bold, the traditional to the modern, and the minimalist to the maximalist. He relishes in the opportunity to explore all of her aesthetic passions by working with a variety of clients, each with their own sense of style.

Esha Stanley

Co-Founder | Principal Designer

Esha Stanley joined Concepto Studio in year 2006, Prior to this she holds a experience of 5 years working with Nebulous Design & 2 years of freelancing with Livspace as Design Partner. She is driven by the idea of creating unique spaces based on client's taste & requirements. She also believes in delivery the best to client & looking at every details of it.

Our Team

Mani Kanta M

Interior Designer & Site Engineer


Interior Designer


Finance & Legal Head


PHE Co-ordinator